Supporting Early Discharge with Care at Home

Pro-active personalised support for individuals or group of individuals

Substituting the current culture of hospital based admissions for unplanned care, to pro-active, integrated personalised packages which will cater for all their health, social and wellbeing supported by the most up to date technology and use of information, using an old fashioned family support network approach.

Some detail of this:

Integrated solutions and technologies to create homecare services that are:

  • Designed to promote independence
  • Assist people to effectively manage their condition
  • Reduce the overall cost to the health and social system
  • Provide information for the design of future support and services

Improving care to people with complex conditions, to deliver improved patient outcomes, reduced emergency calls, reduced the number of hospital admissions, reducing costs to the economy and increasing patient independence.

A Company that delivers telemedicine, advice and problem solving and help for a range of conditions. This includes a rapid face to face response by qualified staff to keep people at home and records linking directly into the GP Patient record.

Co-ordination for patients and professionals using a range of technology, partners and processes to pro-actively manage patient’s conditions with them through appropriate models whilst maximising assets and human resources.

A single point of access (telephone number) widely publicized for the use of patients and their carers who believe they are maybe in early stages of needing help, patients and carers needing information and support, professionals who want to link into other services. Patients or carers would contact a single number, or the tracking will set off an alert, which will be manned 365 days of the year 24 hrs a day, by trained non emergency call handlers, who will have the support of clinicians and experts.

Early diagnosis and intervention improving outcomes with increased independence

Direct links to patient preferred basic social needs sites eg online shopping with supported basic list and stock control assisted by dietary advice