Privacy Policy

This notice reminds you of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and tells you how we processes information about you. We only use your information for lawful purposes in order for us to administer the business effectively.

What information will we hold about you?

  • Name, address, contact details including telephone and email, your date of birth and next of kin emergency contacts
  • Clinical, social and medical history and treatment record to assist us to give you the right choices, care and treatment

Why do we need to hold this information about you?

  • We will use this information to assess your level of wellbeing and in partnership with you construct a wellness plan and interventions
  • This information will also include the results of monitoring and measurements (including blood results where required) which we will use to inform you of you progress against your goals

Will we ask for your consent to collect and use this information about you?

  • Yes we ask individuals to positively consent to us holding and using your information at first contact via the website or telephone
  • We tell you what information is collected, why and who we may share it with (only with your permission) and how we will use it to assist you or as part of our business

How will we use this information about you?

Prepare and agree a wellness plan and interventions with you. The people doing this with you use your information (paper or electronic) to provide treatment, check the quality of your care, help you make good decisions about your wellbeing and to investigate complaints and claims. We sometimes use your information to:

  • Check the quality of service we provide to everyone
  • Protect the health of the general public (required in law)
  • Monitor how we conduct our business and finances
  • Train our staff and teams
  • Carry out research and development (with your consent)
  • Help us plan for the future – you can opt out of any direct marketing of other services to you
  • If we use your information for these reasons, we will remove your name and other details which could identify you. If we need the information in a way that identifies you, we will ask you first.

    Will we share any of information about you with other people?

    • We will share your information with other organisations involved
    • In the planning and implementation of the service to you e.g. blood tests and laboratories (personal data and minimal health data given)
    • Other statutory organisations such as Public Health and safety only as the law requires of us and we will always inform you of such prior to sharing if the law allows us to
    • We will not routinely disclose any information about you without your express permission.

      There may be circumstances where we are bound to share information about you owing to a legal obligation however whenever we can we will remove personal details which identify you. Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to keep this information confidential.

      Will you have access to information about you with other people?

        Yes – EU GDPR 2018 gives you the general right to apply to see or to be given a copy of personal data held about you and request that any errors be rectified or deleted
      • You can make the request in writing to the Data Protection Officer via the website form or in writing to the office address

      What if you have a complaint about the information we hold about, how we have used or shared it?
      • If you have a complaint or concern about how we are holding, using or sharing your information you can raise it with our Data Protection Officer via our contact form on the website, our Caldicott Guardian via the same form. We take all concerns and complaints very seriously and use them to improve our services. We will then investigate and respond to you as per our Compliments and Complaints Policy and Procedure.
      • Should you not be satisfied or want outside advice or help, the Information Commissioners Office may be able to assist.

      September 2018 – for Review September 2020