Personalised Care Packages


In addition to meeting CQC standards the following are required and not being delivered in a co-ordinated way:
Recognising that this is a unique concept around a private consortium leading to “smarter care” (“But for that to happen the government must allow the best provider to deliver health services, irrespective of whether they are from the NHS, private or voluntary sectors.“ John Cridland, CBI’s deputy director-general.)

Be able to provide real usable and meaningful data in relation to the patient experience utilising research and development from a recognised university (which in turn will have a high commercial value)

“By providing independent, reliable and timely information about the quality or care in providers above essential standards, and about the quality of care secured by commissioners for their local communities” (essential for CQC registration)

With a clear understanding that one model does not fit all.

That by working together we will ensure that the outcomes are focused on experiences of care recognising financial returns for investors and savings for CCGs.